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Focus on Spanish Language Translation

As the demand for translation services continues to rise, Spanish language translation continues to be the most frequently requested. As the number of Spanish speakers in the United States continues to grow, so will the need for reliable Spanish translators.

When contacting Accuworld for translation services, such as translation English to Spanish, it is important to keep in mind that not all Spanish translators are the same. It is important to specify your audience when you speak with one of our translators. For example, if your target audience is located in Spain, it would be important for a Castilian Spanish speaker to work on your project. If the same English document were to be translated by someone from Spain and someone from Mexico, you would find many differentials between the two finished Spanish documents.

Many of our clients request Spanish for an audience in the United States. When a translator is asked to complete a Spanish language translation for a reader in the U.S., they are careful to omit any dialectical words or phrases. The translator focuses on making the document comprehensible for Spanish speakers around the world.

To ensure that the finished product is targeting the appropriate audience and is accurate and error free, Accuworld uses a team of translators for each Spanish language translation service.

The first translator will:

  1. Read the entire source document
  2. Prepare the first translated draft, aiming for full expression of the thoughts
  3. Read the draft aloud for style, rhythm and flow
  4. Pass the written draft on to a second translator

The second translator will:

  1. Read the entire source document and the translated draft
  2. Check style, grammar and comprehension of the messages
  3. The second translator may suggest modifications to the first translator for consideration.

Accuworld's Spanish translators can deliver the translation services in a variety of file formats. Some of the options include Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Publisher, Quark Xpress, InDesign and PageMaker.

Contact Accuworld today to discuss your project details. One of our Program Coordinators will be happy to introduce you to the expert translation services offered by Accuworld.